Lawd I'm Coming Home

September, Thursday - 8:00pm

D.A Production LLC, presents Law’d I’m Coming Home

Staring: Tony and Grammy award winner “Melba Moore, Legendary actor Antonio Fargas along with R&B Crooner Glenn Jones

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Law’d, I’m Coming Home is a show with a great deal of energy and spirit as it forecasts the coming home of the prodigal daughter Tammy, after her tumultuous journey out in the world. The central characters are Tammy Washington and her mother, Rose Washington.

Tammy, who is recently recovering from a battle with back problems, is climbing back on the horse as she is now in college trying to finish where she left off before the accident. She is befriended by Joyce, who is trying to persuade her to put down the books and have some fun. Holding onto her good Christian values, Tammy resists, but eventually succumbs to Joyce’s persistence.

Mamma Rose, a God fearing, widowed woman confronts Tammy about the kind of people she’s been hanging out with until an argument erupts. Mamma Rose puts her foot down and tells her that the only way Tammy can remain in her house is to live by her rules and by defying God’s words is not living in accordance. Tammy makes her way out of the confines of her mother’s house and into the world and for the first time she is alone. In the streets, Tammy is introduced to Raynell’s dark world of drug dealers and pimps. Before she can get her bearings together, she is out in the streets working for him.

Several years have passed and she has graduated to the head spot. Though she has heard her mother’s voice in the back of her head she hasn’t seen her in several years. One day out in the park where Tammy is working, her brother Charles walks past and stumbles into her. Charles asks Tammy to come home and tells her how Mamma hasn’t rested a day since she’s been gone. Tammy decided to return to the fold and leave this God forsaken den of prostitution and drug addiction. She comes to tell Raynell of her plans to return home, but he will not stand for it. A violent argument erupts and Raynell beats Tammy. At her lowest point she calls on the name Jesus Christ and from out of the darkness that seemed to swallow her up comes the voice of reason {song Instant Praise}. The voice like a beacon of light shines Tammy home.

The final scene takes place at Do Good Missionary Baptist Church like any Sunday evening service. Charles brings a couple of his friends in hopes that they are inspired to join but as things sometimes go, one of his friends gets up and decides this is not for him and leaves abruptly. During the invitation for sinners to come forward the choir is singing and there seems to be a familiar voice singing from the outside. When through the back doors of the church Tammy, comes in singing like never before. She is reunited with her mother, brother, aunt, and her church family. They all celebrate, in joyful singing.

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Things Your Man Won't Do

October, Saturday - 4:00pm

Things Your Man Won’t Do

Starring ~ Allen Payne, Leon, Terri J Vaughn, Essence Atkins and Tony Grant
Two shows – 4 & 8 pm

Rachel Braxton is fed up with all the things her man, Demetrius McAlister won’t do. And that list is long. Despite the fact that she’s given him her time, money and her love, Demetrius won’t commit. And now that he’s all wrapped up in his cousin, Damien’s dysfunctional relationship with over-the-top Katrina Bridges, Rachel reaches her breaking point and puts Demetrius out.
Determined to get his woman back, Demetrius turns to his friend Blake, a newly divorced psychologist who eagerly steps up to offer Demetrius a little advice. But soon Blake discovers the woman he’s trying to help Demetrius win back, is the one that got away. As love trumps his friendship, Blake is poised and ready to do all the things Demetrius won’t in order to get Rachel back.
As startling secrets are exposed and drama reaches an all-time high, will Rachel and Demetrius find their way back to each other…or will love lead them their separate ways?

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Tidewater Concert Band

December, Thursday - 7:00pm

Tidewater Concert Band & Guest

Holiday Performance
Free and open to the Public
For more information please call (757)393-5182